Hello, my name is Marc Crouch, but I go by the name Ginger Viking because, well, I'm ginger and look somewhat like a viking. I also enjoy feasting and plundering the North Sea at weekends.

I am what you might call a seasoned tech entrepreneur, having been in the scene since the 1990s when tables were still used for web layouts. Today I run an A.I. startup called Firedrop, and am also involved in a couple of other businesses in a more advisory capacity, most notably Red Ant Social. I am also the founder of an online community of redheads called the Two Percent Club.

In my blog I write about a variety of subjects that interest me and also attempt to share my learnings as much as I can. I tend to write longer form articles but that's not a hard rule.

I hope you enjoy reading these articles. Feel free to reach out to me at marc@marccrouch.com or ping me on Twitter at @GingerVikingUK.

Find me on the web:

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